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Comprehensive Braces in Woodland Hills CA

the best comprehensive bracesMisaligned teeth are about more than just aesthetics. While having crooked teeth can certainly affect how you feel about your smile, it can also cause a number of dental conditions and complications such as decay, gum disease, and jaw pain.

At Mulholland Dental Care, Dr. Bobby Irani can address this problem with comprehensive orthodontic care that addresses your health as well as the appearance of your smile. Dr. Irani received orthodontic training at Mid Continent Orthodontics in Arizona over five years ago and has provided hundreds of patients with outstanding orthodontic care. Dr. Bobby Irani provides comprehensive orthodontic treatment for patients of all ages, from children to teens and adults!

Some of the most common conditions we treat with orthodontics include:

  • Cross bite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Over crowding
  • Misalignment
  • Overlapping teeth

If you have one or more of these conditions, orthodontic treatment might be the answer you are looking for to improve your oral health.

Comprehensive Braces for Any Age

When you come to our Woodland Hills dental office with concerns about your smile, we will provide a full evaluation to determine your treatment options. Dr. Irani will check your occlusion (bite), jaw joints, wear marks on your teeth, bone density, gum health, and teeth alignment to determine the best course of action to straighten and improve your smile.

We offer traditional braces, Six Month Braces, and Invisalign clear braces to meet the health and lifestyle needs of our patients. The treatment option that will work best for you depends on your unique needs and your goals for your smile.

Reliable Results with Traditional Braces

For some patients, traditional braces provide the best results. When you have severe malocclusion or have a complex case, traditional braces are a reliable and affordable option.

Traditional orthodontics utilizes brackets and wires to gradually move your teeth over time. You will come to our office for periodic adjustments until your teeth reach their ideal alignment. Traditional braces are sturdy, reliable, and provide outstanding results for most orthodontic conditions.

Six Month Braces

As the name suggests, Six Month Braces have the benefit of averaging only six months for treatment. Unlike traditional orthodontics, Six Month Braces utilizes a clear memory wire that steadily and gradually moves your teeth. Because the tension is constant, you will achieve fast results. Six Month Braces also uses tooth-colored brackets so that your treatment is more aesthetic than with traditional orthodontics.

Invisalign Clear Braces

Unlike traditional orthodontics and Six Month Smiles, Invisalign does not use the bracket-and-wire method. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligner trays to move your teeth over time. You wear each crystal clear aligner tray for 22 hours each day for approximately two weeks before you move on to the next tray. No one will even know you are wearing them!

Invisalign aligners are convenient because you can remove them to eat and clean your teeth, so many people find them a convenient option for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign may not work for some complex cases. Dr. Bobby Irani will let you know the treatment options that will give you the results you want!

Do You Need Braces? Call Us for an Evaluation!

If you have concerns about the health or appearance of your smile due to misaligned teeth, call our Woodland Hills, CA dental office today to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bobby Irani. We look forward to providing you with solutions to help you meet your goals for both your health and appearance.

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