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Full Mouth Restoration in Woodland Hills CA

Full Mouth Restoration

When patients have a number of dental conditions happening at once, it can really make day-to-day life difficult, especially if you have worn-down teeth that no longer come together correctly or cause you pain. Many times, worn and cracked teeth come from a clenching habit that you may not even be aware of. Clenching and grinding while you sleep can cause your teeth to break or wear down a little at a time. You might experience headaches, jaw pain, and sensitivity.

Worn teeth not only affect your appearance; they can also feel painful and sensitive to temperature, making eating the foods you need to stay healthy impossible. Combined with potential jaw pain and headaches, your teeth can really affect your quality of life.

Occlusal Conditions

How your teeth come together is known as occlusion and is one of the biggest factors in your dental health. Unfortunately, most dentists do not have the additional education needed to address some of the complex occlusal cases that arise.

Fortunately, since you have found Mulholland Dental Care, the office of Dr. Bobby Irani, you have come to the right place! Dr. Irani has the additional education necessary to address even the most complex full mouth restoration cases. He studied with Dr. Ruiz at the Los Angeles Institute in order to help restore the health of our patients who suffer from a breakdown in their natural teeth.

Full Mouth Restoration Rehabilitative Cases

When we care for patients who need their occlusion addressed, we start from the foundation and work our way to the crown of the teeth. Often, we use a combination of dental crowns, fillings, bonding, and veneers to improve patient comfort and function.

When Dr. Bobby Irani evaluates your smile, he will take diagnostic x-rays, photographs, and study models of your teeth in order to re-create a healthy smile. He will custom design each restoration to provide function as well as to improve your appearance so that you have a natural-looking, comfortable smile again.

Your treatment will likely take place over a series of appointments. If you are concerned about your time in the dental chair or feel anxious about treatment, we offer oral sedation to help you relax. With oral sedation, you will feel comfortable, calm, and have little sense of time, so your appointments will fly by.

Full Smile Makeovers

Perhaps your teeth work just fine, but you don’t like the way they look. You are not alone! Misaligned, discolored, and broken teeth can add years to your appearance. Today, people are living longer than ever and stay active well into their later years, so wanting to look your best is natural!

At our Woodland Hills, CA dental office, we can address your appearance as well as the comfort and function of your smile. Dr. Irani uses his occlusal skills to create smiles that look and feel natural for our patients. Because he creates smiles with your bite in mind, your dentistry will last much longer than with traditional cosmetic dentistry.

Is It Time for a Change?

Whether you want to eat the foods you love while you spend time with your family or you simply feel it’s time to have the smile of your dreams, we can provide you with the world-class dental care you need to meet all of your goals when it comes to the appearance and function of your teeth.

Give us a call today for an evaluation! We look forward to meeting you.