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Professional Teeth Whitening in Woodland Hills CA

Is the cost of professional teeth whitening worth it? A tube of teeth whitening toothpaste costs not so much. Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and noticed your smile isn’t as bright as it once was? It’s hard to notice subtle changes that happen over time, but most people’s teeth gradually darken as they age, especially with certain lifestyle habits such as tobacco use and drinking coffee.

Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is safer, more comfortable, and more affordable than ever. In our Woodland Hills, CA dental office, we offer both take-home and in-office teeth whitening systems to help our patients regain the bright, beautiful smiles of their youth.

Custom Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Our most popular option is our custom Zoom! whitening system. We take custom impressions of your teeth to create your whitening trays. We will provide you with enough whitening gel to help you achieve your whitest smile. You can retain your trays for future touch-ups, if necessary.

You simply place the recommended amount of whitening gel in each tooth receptacle and wear your trays for a couple of hours at a time. Your custom trays will keep the gel on the surface of your teeth, where most stains occur. When you whiten your teeth several times a week, you can reach your desired shade in 1-2 weeks.

Professional Teeth WhiteningWe will take a before and after shade in our office so that you can observe your results!

Many patients find this the most convenient and affordable way to whiten. Depending on your lifestyle, you can touch-up your smile once or twice yearly to maintain its beauty.

In-Office Teeth Whitening With Zoom!

For patients who have an upcoming event or celebration, getting a jump-start on your whitening can help to speed the process along. We can whiten your teeth in our office with professional strength whitening gel and a special curing light that activates the whitening agents.

We will repeat this process up to three times in one hour so that when you leave the office, you have a significantly brighter smile. Additionally, we provide you with custom whitening trays to continue your procedure at home and to save for touch-ups.

Common Side Effects

Most patients can whiten their teeth with no side effects. However, if you have sensitive teeth or recession along your gum line, you might experience some sensitivity. Usually, taking a break between treatments or having a fluoride treatment can reduce the side effects so that you can whiten your teeth comfortably.

If you experience irritation of your gums, make sure you are only using a small dot of whitening gel for each tooth. A little goes a long way!

Many People Are Unhappy With Their Smiles

Some are unhappy enough that they avoid speaking in public or smiling in photos. If you have been hiding your smile behind your hand, we can help. Teeth whitening can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to brighten your smile. Our Woodland Hills teeth whitening expert offers several treatment options for your personal whitening needs.

Many foods and beverages that we eat every day can leave behind deposits on your teeth. Unfortunately, not all of these deposits can simply be brushed and flossed away. Some of them contain chromogens or substances that stain. These stains penetrate the porous enamel on your teeth and sink into the dentin below. Over time, the stains will simply accumulate and deepen, and your teeth may end up looking yellow, gray or even brown instead of white. Not only is this often unattractive, but it is also aging. Teeth whitening can help.

Affordable Teeth Whitening Woodland Hills

Our expert in teeth whitening in Woodland Hills can use a prescription-strength peroxide solution that is designed to penetrate through the enamel all the way to the stains deep inside the dentin. As the peroxide breaks up, it will disintegrate the stains and leave the natural structure of the teeth intact.

Unlike over-the-counter whitening systems, professional whitening treatments can be completely customized to your needs. Our teeth whitening expert can adjust the strength and treatment period to maximize your results without the risk of side effects.

Once your teeth have reached the right shade for your goals, our expert in teeth whitening may recommend specific aftercare to keep your teeth looking their best. Brush twice a day or after meals, and floss at least once a day. Limit your intake of staining substances, such as wine, coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks and nicotine. Regular dental checkups can keep your teeth polished and healthy, and whitening touch-ups can be used to keep your teeth bright and sparkling.

Effective Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Our expert may recommend Zoom if your teeth have been stained due to age, soft drinks, wine, coffee, tea, energy drinks, nicotine or other common substances. You may be a candidate for the whitening if you have good dental health and no visible restorations, such as dental fillings or dental bridges.

Our expert in Zoom whitening may recommend a professional cleaning before you undergo whitening. A cleaning will polish away superficial stains and remove any plaque and tartar buildup that could interfere with your whitening results.

After your lips and gums are protected, our expert will apply the special Zoom whitening gel to your teeth. This powerful peroxide gel is designed to get maximum whitening results from a single treatment. A high-intensity light is the used to activate the gel. The peroxide in the gel is able to penetrate deep into the structure of the tooth where it will break up stains. The process takes just 15 minutes and is repeated several times over the course of the one-hour appointment.

Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening Treatments

Our Woodland hills cosmetic dentist regularly sees patients who have good oral health but are still unhappy with the appearance of their smile. One of the most unpopular cosmetic flaws is stained teeth. Luckily, there are many different methods these days for brightening smiles that are stained. Some teeth whitening procedures work better than others and some patients may not qualify as candidates for certain procedures.

The most effective teeth whitening procedures are those that are performed by the dentist in the office. This procedure combines a potent peroxide bleaching solution with a special activating light that can brighten smiles up to eight shades in as little as one hour.

Candidates for in-office teeth whitening treatments should be free of any oral health issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease. Also, because porcelain dental fixtures are, by nature, resistant to stains, patients with visible porcelain dental appliances like crowns and veneers may be unsuitable for teeth whitening treatments.
Other forms of teeth whitening include over-the-counter products, like toothpaste and strips, and take-home kits that can be prescribed by the dentist.

Zoom Whitening Woodland Hills

At the end of your Zoom whitening treatment, your teeth may be as much as eight shades whiter. Teeth may be sensitive after whitening, but it is temporary and usually short-lived. Our expert in Zoom whitening in Woodland Hills may recommend a fluoride application to reduce the risk of sensitivity and to help keep your teeth strong.

You can keep your teeth whiter longer by avoiding substances that stain. An easy rule to remember is that if the food or beverage can stain cloth, it is also likely to be able to stain your teeth. Brush after meals and floss daily to prevent buildup, and use touch-up whitening kits as recommended. Regular dental exams and cleanings are also important to your continued dental health.

Are You Ready for a Whiter Smile?

Call Mulholland Dental Care today to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bobby Irani. He can recommend a whitening system that will provide you with a bright, younger-looking smile quickly!