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Professional Teeth Whitening in Woodland Hills CA

Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and noticed your smile isn’t as bright as it once was? It’s hard to notice subtle changes that happen over time, but most people’s teeth gradually darken as they age, especially with certain lifestyle habits such as tobacco use and drinking coffee.

Fortunately, professional teeth whitening is safer, more comfortable, and more affordable than ever. In our Woodland Hills, CA dental office, we offer both take-home and in-office teeth whitening systems to help our patients regain the bright, beautiful smiles of their youth.

Custom Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Our most popular option is our custom Zoom! whitening system. We take custom impressions of your teeth to create your whitening trays. We will provide you with enough whitening gel to help you achieve your whitest smile. You can retain your trays for future touch-ups, if necessary.

You simply place the recommended amount of whitening gel in each tooth receptacle and wear your trays for a couple of hours at a time. Your custom trays will keep the gel on the surface of your teeth, where most stains occur. When you whiten your teeth several times a week, you can reach your desired shade in 1-2 weeks.

Professional Teeth WhiteningWe will take a before and after shade in our office so that you can observe your results!

Many patients find this the most convenient and affordable way to whiten. Depending on your lifestyle, you can touch-up your smile once or twice yearly to maintain its beauty.

In-Office Teeth Whitening With Zoom!

For patients who have an upcoming event or celebration, getting a jump-start on your whitening can help to speed the process along. We can whiten your teeth in our office with professional strength whitening gel and a special curing light that activates the whitening agents.

We will repeat this process up to three times in one hour so that when you leave the office, you have a significantly brighter smile. Additionally, we provide you with custom whitening trays to continue your procedure at home and to save for touch-ups.

Common Side Effects

Most patients can whiten their teeth with no side effects. However, if you have sensitive teeth or recession along your gum line, you might experience some sensitivity. Usually, taking a break between treatments or having a fluoride treatment can reduce the side effects so that you can whiten your teeth comfortably.

If you experience irritation of your gums, make sure you are only using a small dot of whitening gel for each tooth. A little goes a long way!

Are You Ready for a Whiter Smile?

Call Mulholland Dental Care today to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Bobby Irani. He can recommend a whitening system that will provide you with a bright, younger-looking smile quickly!

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