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Six Month Braces in Woodland Hills CA

For some patients, the idea of orthodontic treatment taking years to complete is unappealing. After all, most of our patients lead busy, active lives and want quality as well as convenience in their dental care! In many cases, long treatment times can prevent our patients from seeking the orthodontic care they want and need to stay healthy.

Six Month Braces Woodland Hills

At Mulholland Dental Care, we understand that people like accurate, successful treatment and they like it to be completed as quickly as possible! That is why Dr. Bobby Irani offers Six Month Braces in our Woodland Hills, CA dental office.

In fact, he is an expert provider for Six Month Braces and has been practicing at the master level for eight years. With his experience in occlusion (how your teeth come together), you can count on the best outcome. Our patients truly love their results and how convenient treating with Six Month Braces is.

What Is Six Month Braces?

Six Month Braces utilizes a high-tech low-force method of moving your teeth with special brackets and wires. However, you will not have to settle for the old-fashioned metal brackets and wires that are common with traditional orthodontics. Six Month Braces uses a clear memory wire and tooth-colored brackets to gradually move your teeth into their ideal location.

The innovative memory wire places constant low force on your teeth to move them into their new positions quickly. On average, treatment takes about six months to complete.

Because the brackets and wires are clear and the treatment is fast, you can achieve the results you want without a long-term commitment or feeling self-conscious about the appearance of your smile.

Millions of Americans Are Unhappy with Their Smiles

If you are among them, you may be interested in your options. Our dentist in Woodland Hills can help. We offer a variety of treatments that can improve both the health and the beauty of your smile, including six month braces.
Six month braces are an effective, affordable option for cosmetic braces. They combine proven techniques with revolutionary materials to align teeth significantly faster than most other orthodontic treatment options.

The average treatment time is about six months, and the wires and brackets are virtually invisible against your teeth, which allows you to have not just a faster experience but also a more discreet one. Results are predictable, and appointments are fast and easy. Because the treatment time is significantly reduced, you are less likely to experience discomfort and less likely to suffer some of the consequences that can be associated with prolonged orthodontic treatment. The shorter treatment time also results in more affordable options.

Benefits of Six Month Braces

Six Month Braces provide a number of benefits, the greatest being the short treatment time they make possible. Treatment with Six Month Braces can shave months and even years off your treatment time, giving you the fastest results.

Because of the innovative memory wire, you will find treatment is more comfortable. Steady force, rather than periodic adjustments, helps you to avoid the experience of having your braces “tightened” and the discomfort that follows.

Due to the short duration of treatment, you will find that most Six Month Braces treatment plans cost less than traditional braces, aligners, or veneers. For patients wishing to finance their orthodontic care, we accept CareCredit. This allows treatment to fit into almost any budget.

At Mulholland Dental Care, we also offer traditional orthodontics and Invisalign for the convenience of our patients. If Six Month Braces isn’t right for your needs, one of our orthodontic treatment options is likely to be a good fit for you!

Do You Want a Straighter Smile?

Call today to schedule an orthodontic evaluation with Dr. Bobby Irani. We can help determine the treatment that will provide you with outstanding results, exceptional patient care, and a straighter smile.