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6 Month Braces to a More Attractive Smile

A Perfect Smile in About 6 Months

Many people experience problems with crowded, crooked, and gapped teeth. These issues can lead to lower self-confidence and make people feel the need to hide their smile and laugh. Braces can help fix these problems. But many teens and adults don’t want a mouthful of metal for two years or more to get straighter teeth. This is why Dr. Bobby Irani offers 6 Month Braces to those who want a more attractive smile in a fraction of the time.

6 Month Braces

Less time. The procedure is called Six Month Braces because most people obtain their desired results in that time. While it may take less or more than six months depending on the extent of the repairs needing to be made, it is still significantly less time than a traditional brace. Traditional braces take an average of two years to give patients the same results that Six Month Braces will.

More attractive. While metal brackets with changeable colors may seem like fun for younger patients, most adults and teens don’t want anyone to be able to tell they are wearing them. With clear brackets and wires, Six Month Braces will give you the same results as unsightly metal braces but will be a lot less noticeable against your teeth.

Less pain. The Six Month Braces treatment uses a memory wire that provides constant pressure during your treatment. When your mouth warms the wire it tries to pull itself back into its original position, aligning your teeth in the process. Traditional braces use a metal wire that loosens after a few weeks and must be tightened regularly which causes soreness and pain.

More affordable. Since the treatment lasts such a short amount of time, it is often way less expensive than regular braces. Tradition braces can cost thousands of dollars depending on the amount of time the patient has to wear them.

Six Months to a Straighter Smile

Don’t keep putting off a more attractive smile because you don’t want unsightly and painful metal braces. If you live in the Woodland Hills, CA area and have been wanting a straighter smile or would like more information on the Six Month Braces treatment, please contact Mulholland Dental Care to set up your orthodontic evaluation!