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Harmful and Good Dental Habits

There are several habits that people have that can be detrimental to their oral health, including some that are thought to be beneficial. Certain oral care routines, diets, and habits can be ruining your smile, which is why it is important to speak to your dentist about any dental concerns. Oral care starts at home, which is why Dr. Bobby Irani does his best to educate his patients about proper daily oral care in between dental visits.

Harmful Dental Habits

Brushing to hard and often – Brushing regularly is imperative to maintaining good oral health, yet it is possible to brush too hard and too often. Applying too much pressure while you brush and brushing more than three times a day can actually be damaging the soft tissues in your mouth. If the gums become inflamed they can pull away from the tooth and allow bacteria growth leading to gum disease.

Brushing right after a meal – It may seem beneficial to clean your teeth right after a meal, but certain sugary and acidic foods can actually cause the enamel to soften and break down. Brushing right after consuming these foods can aid in eroding the enamel of your teeth instead of preventing it. To help remove harmful bacteria, drinking water after a meal can help rinse away bacteria and food particles until you can brush.

Teeth are for food – It can be easy to use teeth in place of certain tools, but this habit can cause teeth to become prone to chips and cracks. This includes the harmful habit of biting your nails or chewing on plastic pen caps.

Soda and juice – It may seem like a daily diet soda isn’t doing much damage, but sugar isn’t the only concern you should have when it comes to the fluids you drink. Carbonation tends to be acidic which is also a major factor in the erosion of the enamel and tooth decay. Sugary fruit juices are also very harmful to the health and strength of your teeth.

Developing Good Dental Habits

Breaking bad habits can be difficult, but you will be able to see a noticeable difference in the health of your teeth when you make simple changes to your oral habits. If you live in the Woodland Hills, CA area and would like to learn more about which habits and practices to avoid, please contact our office.