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Family Dentist in Woodland Hills

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At Mulholland Dental Care, our experienced family dentist welcomes your entire family to the office. Our Woodland Hills family dentist understands that patients today want quality as well as convenience. Driving across town from dentist to dentist to ensure both the children and the adults in your family receive treatment can make scheduling a nightmare.

That is why we welcome adults and children to our dental office. Dr. Bobby Irani works well with patients of all ages and enjoys developing long-term professional relationships with the families in our community. You can hear from some of those families over on our Testimonials page! Take a look.

Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry

We believe in preventing dental conditions whenever possible. That is why our family dentist offers individualized preventive treatment options for each member of your family. As people age, their needs change, and we are here to help with effective prevention at every life stage.

Our family dentist in Woodland Hills offers:

  • Professional dental cleanings – Even if you brush and floss regularly, you still need a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year to remove tartar and bacteria that build up between your teeth and beneath your gum line.
  • Periodic exams – Having your routine exam twice yearly allows Dr. Irani to identify any potential conditions early so that we can treat them right away. In most cases, when we catch a condition in its early stages, it is less invasive and less costly to treat.
  • Diagnostic X-rays – We use digital X-rays to diagnose common dental conditions, such as decay and bone loss. Our family dentist can even use digital X-rays to identify cysts and tumors that may otherwise go undiagnosed. Digital X-rays are the safest available, emitting up to 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Long-Lasting Restorative Treatments

If you experience decay or a broken tooth, you will need a dental restoration to repair and protect it. Most people need at least a filling at some point during their lives. We provide long-lasting aesthetic dental restorations to prolong the life of your teeth without marring the beauty of your smile.

Our services include the following, and more:

  • Tooth-colored fillings – Tooth-colored fillings are strong and long-lasting. They have the added benefit of matching your smile, so your teeth never look dark due to amalgam (silver) fillings. Fillings can seal your teeth after we remove decay in order to prevent bacteria from entering. Our family dentist can also use the same tooth-colored composite material to make minor repairs to chipped teeth and even fill in gaps in your smile.
  • Porcelain crowns – Crowns completely cover your tooth structure to keep it from breaking and splitting. If you cracked a tooth or experienced extensive decay, a dental crown can provide your tooth with greater protection and potentially even save it from being extracted.

Expanded Dental Treatment

Since we treat families, it is important to us to provide most services that families need all under one roof. Dr. Bobby Irani values his patients’ time and wanted to make treatments easier, more convenient, and as comprehensive as possible. That is why he received additional training in surgical procedures, endodontics, and orthodontics – so that he can better serve his patients!

Our dentist is highly experienced in:

  • Implant placement – You no longer need to go to a specialist for implant placement. Dr. Irani studied implant placement and restoration and has been successfully providing our patients with this convenient tooth-replacement option for years.
  • Root canals – Root canal therapy is sometimes necessary to save an infected tooth and relieve your pain. We do not need to refer our root canals to an endodontist because Dr. Irani can treat you right here in the comfort and familiarity of our dental office. He is gentle and efficient, allowing you to get back to your busy life as quickly as possible.
  • Orthodontic treatments – Our family dentist in Woodland Hills offers orthodontic treatment options for your whole family. Dr. Irani has provided orthodontics to his patients for the last eight years. We offer traditional orthodontics, Six Month Braces, and Invisalign. Call us to discover which option will work best for you!

Finding a family dentist who works well for your entire family can be a real challenge! At Mulholland Dental Care, we are your family dentist in Woodland Hills. Dr. Bobby Irani welcomes patients of all ages and is committed to providing the best that family dentistry has to offer.

Some essential points you should consider when searching for a family dentist include:

  • Convenience – Will your dentist also treat your children? Bobby Irani,   DDS welcomes patients of all ages and provides exceptional preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, and diagnostics in order to provide children and adults with a good foundation in oral health.
  • Communication – Does your dentist clearly explain your conditions and all of your treatment options? It’s great to have choices when it comes to your dental care. An exceptional family dentist will give you all of your treatment options so that you can make the best decision for your oral health.
  • Skills and experience – With years of experience, continuing education, and staying on top of the latest technology, your family dentist can provide the most comfortable and long-lasting dentistry available. Having experience treating patients at all life stages and levels of health ensures a lifetime of great care.

The Best Family Dentist in Woodland Hills

Ultimately, seeking a family dentist who makes you feel confident and informed about your dental health is a personal choice. At our dental office, we welcome you to come in and meet the team for your family. Be sure to bring all of your questions so that we can answer them!

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our patients. By getting to know you and your family, we can provide the best dental services that our community has to offer.

We look forward to seeing your smile and you have come to the right place! We invite you to join our dental family at Mulholland Dental Care and look forward to providing you and your loved ones with the outstanding dental care and treatment that we want for own families.

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